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Multilingual Marketing: The Top 5 Questions Answered

Every business expansion effort requires a solid marketing plan. But if you are seeking international growth and your business is planning to expand in foreign territories, then you’ll need effective multilingual marketing.

Marketing isn’t exactly a breeze. Add different …

Product Localization

How to Measure ROI On Your Language Translation Services

How do you know language translation services are paying off? 

That is a big question, right? When you invest in language translation services, you want to see that it actually converts as many leads and gets you as many new …

Product Localization

Software Localization: 5 Crucial Challenges Resolved!

Do you want to introduce your product to a wider audience, but the prospect of Software Localization intimidates you? We don’t blame you! With technical, cultural, and linguistic elements to consider, software translation is highly complex. But if you …

How Translation Project Management Fuels A Translator’s Success

How Translation Project Management Fuels A Translator’s Success

Being a translator is about more than just delivering a flawless piece of translated content. It is about time management, budgeting, communication, crisis control, and handling feedback.

Your love for languages and creativity has probably guided you towards a translation …

Product Localization

How Can Media Translation Benefit Your Business?

Do you have media content or products and services you want to introduce to a wider audience? Then you need media translation services! This blog will introduce you to the ins and outs of translating for the media industry, …

Product Localization

How To Localize Your Android Mobile App For Google Play?

Numbers indicate that in 2021 alone, over 3 million apps in the Google Play Store were available for download.1With its reliability, high usability, and high availability of free quality apps, app installations on Google Play have been on a …

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