Context Is King! Our New Tool Takes eCommerce Product Descriptions To The Next Level

Context Is King!

We have developed a tool that delivers faster and better multilingual eCommerce product descriptions by giving our translators contextual information in a flash.

At Laoret, we develop our own tools in order to provide better translation and localization services to our clients. Our goal is to design these tools in a way that will never replace human expertise, but instead refine it.

Technology supporting human expertise is particularly useful when it comes to the eCommerce industry. eCommerce is booming, and with 65 % of online shoppers preferring content in their own language, multilingual product descriptions have become a must.

Mohamed Abould Fatouh, Laoret’s Localization Manager, states Multilingual eCommerce product descriptions are often the first line of communication between you and your potential new customer. That means that these descriptions have unique marketing potential that should be given the attention they deserve.

Quality is delivered by experts and shaped by context. It is in this context that we can learn a lot about the preferences and behavior of our target audiences. Our multilingual scraper tool collects this contextual data for the translator to use.

Mohamed goes on to say: “The translators we assign to the role will always be subject-matter experts, but a good translator will still research the best-ranking competition out there. Our tool is designed to collect this information automatically, and free up the translator’s time so they can fully commit to providing the best translation.”

What does this tool do in practice? Here is a step by step overview:

  • The tool scrapes the product descriptions available on the internet that communicate your product in both English and your target language(s).
  • The translators are provided with instant context of all the high-ranking listings in your category along with their existing translations
  • The translator uses the context & reference translations to provide the best possible description that will entice visitors.
  • You receive a targeted and powerful translation within faster turnaround time.

Going global requires more than just words. You need to start a conversation with your potential consumers that respects their language, culture, and preferences. Get targeted eCommerce localization services now!

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