Technical Translation Services

Preparing Expert Translations for Technical Documents, Trades
& Professions with Unmatched Accuracy & Speed

Maximum safety, regulatory compliance and risk management

Get certified technical translation services for a wide range of industry-specific documents, highly technical materials, specialized texts, and scientific publications, and superior localization solutions in over 120 languages worldwide.

Leverage a coordinated
team of specialized linguists with in-depth knowledge of the relevant field(s) for your manuals, operational instructions and safety warnings,to patents, software strings, and research articles.

Benefit from rigorous Quality Assurance of the technical translation activities, leveraging the power of both machine translation tools and human  expertise to optimize the speed and convenience of the localization workflow.

Get Industry-Leading Quality Control Standards For Your Technical Translation

With increased complexity, comes the greater necessity for careful attention to detail to ensure accuracy, as well as technical and scientific veracity. Get ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified services, and a global team of native translators, localization engineers, and dedicated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

  • leverage our professional translation team well-experienced in important cultural components involved in projects which may involve safe operation of complex or dangerous machinery and equipment.
  • Receive meticulous formatting and strict compliance with all relevant local and international standards and protocols.
  • Manage risks and potential liability concerns, for example, by communicating the right level of caution in content related to proper handling, adequate safety measures and warning labels.

Get Superior Service at Record-Breaking Speed

Technical and scientifically based materials should reflect an impartial tone, neutral style and formal grammatical structure to convey strict objectivity, methodological precision, and scientific rigor.

  • This can make the translation process more predictable and tractable for cutting-edge machine translation technologies, Computer-Assisted Translation tools (CAT) and Translation Management Systems (TMS).
  • Seamlessly combine the advantages of state-of-the-art translation technologies with optimal review time by levering our translation professionals and SMEs to ensure consistent high-level deliverables.

Receive Continuous Technical Translation Support that is Consistent, Convenient & Cost-Effective

Technical content often requires frequent revisions due to the rapidly evolving nature of the technology sector, the scientific and pharmaceutical industries, as well as politically influenced regulatory bodies.

  • To offset the technical complexity of your content and improve efficiency and speed, we employ translation memory techniques, maintain up to date technical glossaries and client-oriented terminological databases to streamline the translation workflow.
  • You can always reuse previously translated content to short-cut the localization process, effectively cutting down on time and costs with every update.

Types of Content Provided to the Technical Translation Industry

User Guide / Manual

Operational Instructions

Proper Handling

Warning &
Safety Risk

Article / Paper

Patent Content


Instruction Sheet

Care Instructions

Software Strings

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Laoret is an ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Certified Translation Service, combining the most innovative technologies on the market with a highly-qualified team of professionals.

Our Translation, Editing, and Proofreading process (TEP), and human as well as automated Quality Assurance, prioritize consistency and accuracy down to the letter.

in the unlikely event that you’ll find a translation error, we’ve got you covered! Read more about our cashback policy.