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ai and localization

AI and Localization: A Game-Changing Alliance

AI and Localization: A Game-Changing Alliance
Doing quality localization at Speed and scale was nearly impossible in the past since things were usually done manually, leaving room for human error, extending project timelines and frequently resulting in operational bottlenecks.

However, the …

human element of MTPE

The Human Element of MTPE

As the demand for breaking language barriers and multilingual content continues to grow business-wise, embracing machine translation has become an integral part of any ambitious business expansion strategy.

However, machines can’t solely provide businesses with the needed quality of …

ai and localization

Video Game Localization: How Much Can It Be Streamlined?

Video game localization is a holistic, intricate practice, where language, culture, and technology converge to create immersive gaming experiences for gamers.

From the literal translation of simple commands like “play†and “pause†and the creative adaptation of the game storyline …

ai and localization

7 Reasons Why Mobile App Localization Matters

Localization, as a market expansion strategy, can help mobile apps gain traction in new markets and increase revenue. 

But you can’t expect users from different regions to want to use your app if it’s featured in a language they don’t …

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