What Is The Best Translation Engine?

Machine Translation (MT) is becoming more important, so it is paramount to understand how this service should be used. And the first question that needs answering is; what is the best Machine Translation (MT) engine? We will get right on it!

The Language Pairs Determine The Best Engine

It may surprise you to learn that there is only one way to select your MT-Engine, and that is based on the language pairs you select. Let’s have a look at the graph below.

Annual studies on MT-Engine performance confirm the compatibility of the most common language pairs and their preferred MT-Engine. So indeed, Google Translate doesn’t work for everything! Statistical MT-Engine DeepL” remains the go-to tool for some of the most popular languages paired with English such as German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. Russian and Japanese seem to edge towards Google’s MT engines while Chinese to English translations, and vica versa, remains the most reliable with Tencent and Baidu.

It is very likely that you will be translating your content into more than one language. so, be prepared to select several MT-Engines. One more tip? Stay up to date on current developments and always perform tests! MT is developing so fast, that new and better ways to achieve quality translations are always being invented.

Why Language Pairs And Not The Content Types?

Perhaps you think that you content type would make more sense ad a reference for an engine. But since every language has its unique internal structure, this can be met with some real challenges. And while it is true that custom Neural MT-Engines can be trained in content types and data, there will be no engine to perfectly match your content. Not yet, anyway! So, for now, stick to selecting based on language pairs, and you will see that you will save more time and money in the editing process since your linguistic output will be of a higher quality.

Just one more thing before you go. Since we mentioned content types, we’d like to make clear that not every type of project would benefit from MT. if your project depends on highly technical content, or if you need a certain level of creativity to go along with the translation (think marketing content), you should consider professional human translation services for technical content and  transcreation services for marketing content.

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