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ecommerce localization

eCommerce Localization VS Translation: Best Path Forward

Projected to reach $4,703.00 billion by 2028, the eCommerce market is witnessing unprecedented growth, and it is no mere coincidence but a direct result of the internet’s transformative influence on consumer behavior.
Purchasing habits have undergone a profound shift with …

IFU technical language translation

Key Tactics to Navigate IFU Technical Language Translation

Getting medical devices into a foreign-speaking market comes with the responsibility of submitting accurate IFU technical language translations for seamless premarket approval and device distribution.

Besides the strict regulatory framework, the complexities of the technical language involved be daunting and …

Marketing Localization

Marketing Localization: The Next Normal in 2023 Marketing

Gone are the days when businesses and brands established themselves in a single market.

Driven by globalization, digital connectivity, and changing consumer behaviors, they are no longer stuck with the confines set by geographical barriers. They are no longer stuck …


Medical Translation Cost: A Smart Investment or an Extra Cost?

The healthcare industry is witnessing a surge in multicultural and multilingual patient communities. Immigrants, international patients, and non-native speakers frequently seek medical assistance, making it imperative for medical facilities to bridge the language gap effectively.However, they remain hesitant about …

Multilingual Content Marketing

Your Complete Guide to Expert Financial Document Translation

When tapping into new markets, your business translation strategy plays a significant role in positioning your business globally.

And in business translation, financial document translation, in particular, is crucial for your business’s global operations and collaboration.

But because it’s …

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