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Benefit from Laoret’s ideal blend of human expertise and translation technology, and get fast and reliable translation services. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing translation agencies in the US, Laoret offers expert translation and localization solutions to bring beautiful multilingual experiences to your global audiences… Solutions that empower your global reach and outstanding local impact.

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    Explore Laoret’s Translation and Localization Services

    Laoret is a professional translation services company, offering a diverse set of translation and localization services that expertly meet your specific needs from start to finish.

    Cant find the services you need? We have more. Contact us to learn more or get your own custom solution.

    Multilingual Document Translation


    Laoret offers professional document translation services, for all types of documents and file formats. With our strict quality assurance system, you get accurate, consistent, and industry-compliant translations. 



    For efficient software localization services, Laoret is your localization company of choice. Our skilled cross-disciplinary team develops high-quality, high-performing multilingual software that operates seamlessly across devices.



    Laoret provides professional remote interpreting services, on-the-phone (OPI) and video interpreting (VRI). From legal interpreting to medical interpreter services, we connect you with industry-specialized interpreters at your fingertips. 



    Explore our full range of powerful multimedia localization services, including transcription, voice-over, and subtitling services. We take cultural nuances in high regard and deliver flawless and inspiring multimedia content that strikes a chord with your audience.



    From content translation and UI to SEO and full-scale QA and testing, our website localization services deliver accurately localized and SEO-optimized websites to appeal to your global users.

    Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE)


    Expert, native-speaking linguists and reviewers implement thorough editing of your machine-translated content. They ensure superior human-quality translation, where the final outcome sounds fluent and appealing.

    Mobile App


    Get efficient, end-to-end mobile app localization services for both Android and iOS operating systems. Laoret experts ensure that your multilingual apps are robust, user-friendly, and responsive.

    Multilingual Desktop Publishing


    Laoret gives careful attention to both your content and layout. With our state-of-the-art DTP tools, we provide professional-looking, visually-impressive translated content to maximize the impact of your projects.

    What Makes Laoret One of the Best Translation Services Companies Out There?

    Guaranteed Quality
    At Laoret, our translation and localization services are recognized for meeting the highest quality standards. Our quality management system is compliant with ISO 9001 and 17100. We also ensure complete data protection and confidentiality to safeguard your personal information and project data. You are safe with us.

    High-End Translation and Localization Technology
    Laoret leverages cutting-edge translation and localization technologies to provide exceptional, seamless services. We use specialized CAT tools, Translation Memories, linguistic resources (such as Glossaries and Style Guides), specialized DTP toolkit, and automated QA tools, as well as tailored integrations to your platforms and technologies.
    Optimal Translation Experience
    We handle your translation projects with expertise and confidence to offer your quality, speed, and cost-efficiency, giving you complete peace of mind. Our cloud-based translation management software offers one centralized, secure hub to easily manage and track your projects from order to delivery with fewer human touchpoints.
    Translation Services On-Demand
    With Laoret, get expert translation services on-demand. Our advanced online ordering system is designed to simplify the translation process and provide instant translation services in a few clicks. Simple, fast, and efficient. Add your project information and get a free quote within minutes and translation within hours. 
    Native Expertise in 120 Languages
    Our translation services are powered by a dynamic network of native, in-country language professionals and tech-savvy localization experts who hold years of expertise in your industry. We select the right expert for your project to deliver relevant and impactful multilingual communications.
    Around-the-clock Availability
    We are here, for you, all the time, any time. With 24/7 support, no matter where you are or your time zone, we are here to receive your translation project requests, provide regular updates, and take any inquiries.

    Bringing You the Expertise Your Business Deserves

    Laoret manages hundreds of thousands of translation projects and millions of words every year. A combination of expert teams, a robust QA system, and technology empowers us to deliver exceptional quality and efficiency with fast turnarounds every time. No matter the complexity or scale of your project, our focus is always on quality and punctual deliveries.

    With Laoret, you can rest assured we deliver high-quality multilingual content and localized services and products; 100% free of translation and localization mistakes. Additionally, we ensure that they are aligned with your business identity and designed to resonate with your audiences in any language and in any market.

    But, expertise isnt the only thing at the heart of everything we do. It’s YOU. Laoret is known for (and proud of) its stellar client support. We treat you like you are the only client we have. We assign a project manager and a translation team, dedicated entirely and solely to your project. We work closely with you, customize our support, and provide language and content solutions, shaped around your business, industry, and audiences.

    Scale Globally. Connect Intimately with Your Target Audience.

    Trust Laoret experts and harness the power of translation for your global growth. With a blend of global industry expertise and in-depth local knowledge, Laoret provides customized multilingual solutions that build meaningful relationships with your target customers and clients.

    Laoret Translation Process

    Pre-Translation Assessment and Preparation

    Translation, Editing, and Proofreading

    Desktop Publishing and Formatting
    Client Feedback

    Our Industries

    Marketing Translation Services
    With Laoret’s marketing translation support, your marketing materials are reimagined on linguistic, cultural, visual, and technical levels to give your message native potency, authentic voice, and emotional impact in every language.
    eLearning Localization Services
    For your peace of mind, leave your eLearning course or corporate training in the hands of our translation and localization gurus. We provide multilingual eLearning experiences with effective content and highly functional and interactive courses.
    Game Localization Services
    As one of the most recognized game localization companies, Laoret localizes indie and big-budget games across all genres and for all platforms. Whether it’s Arabic translation services, professional Spanish translation services, or Korean translation services, we deliver exceptional game localization in 120 languages.
    Technical Translation Services
    Laoret’s specialized teams of translators and subject-matter experts are qualified and equipped to translate your technical content across different fields and sectors. We maintain linguistic accuracy and terminology precision and consistency.
    Business and Finance Translation Services
    Whether you need business translation services, finance translation services, corporate translation services, or all of them combined, we handle these types of projects with an unwavering commitment to quality, an extraordinary eye for detail, and absolute confidentiality.
    Medical Translation Services
    If you are looking for medical document translation services, medical device localization, or patent translation services, you can trust Laoret professional medical translators. Beyond accuracy, we provide regulatory-compliant translations.
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    Languages We Support

    If you are looking for a German translation company, Spanish translation company, or French translation company, youve come to the right place. Laoret is an international translation company that offers global language coverage. Get expert support in 120 languages, including almost all European languages, in addition to major African and Asian languages.

    Partner Up with One of the Finest Translation Companies

    German translation services, French translation services, Italian translation services, and more, Laoret is an expert translation services agency that meets all your language and content needs of your business. Get world-class quality at speed and scale. Order online now. Choose between our existing pricing plans or request a custom, free quote.

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