How Reliable Are Online Translations?

So, we would first like to answer this question with another question. What do you mean with online translations? Do you mean Machine Translations, or online translation agencies? In the interest of covering all bases, we will answer both of these questions!

Online As In Machine Translations

Machine Translation Engines are getting smarter and more popular. This has risen questions about the quality of machine translations. But in terns of quality and reliability, machines are certainly not ready to take over quite yet.

First of all, note that not every type of project would benefit from a Machine Translation. If you need to make an emotional connection to a specific locale, such as marketing materials and targeted messages, it is better to consider transcreation and localization services. Similarly, if you have highly technical, medical or legal content where accuracy and consistency are paramount, you must commit to human translation exclusively.

If you do opt to Machine Translation and you wish for a reliable outcome, it is best to follow up the Machine Translation with Post-Editing. With Post-Editing, a linguist is set the task of editing the raw machine output and weed out any inaccuracies. This can be done with either light post-editing, or full post-editing. We will provide more information on this below!

Online Language Service Providers

When it comes to online LSPs, they can definitely be reliable. But there are some aspects you need to confirm before you can decide if this is the LSP for you.

  • Do they have a streamlined process for online ordering? Is it clear how to receive your translation and how to communicate remotely?
  • What about other online tools? Do they offer a personalized service tailored to your needs and goals? Note that for this, they should use the right localization tools including Translation (CAT) tool and Translation Management System (TMS). In order to save costs, they should also promote the use of a Translation Memory (TM).
  • Do they have 24/7 availability, and do they cater to clients around the world?
  • Do they hire native linguists exclusively who combine experience in translation with subject-matter experience? Do they live in the target locale?
  • Are they specialized in your industry? Note if your industry is listed on their site as an area of expertise.

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