Video Game Localization eBook:

Unlock Your International Market Potential

Video Game Localization eBook:

Included in your download:

  • The optimal Game Localization Process and its best practices from Pre-Production to Quality Assurance
  • Market-specific gaming expansion strategies for the most promising gaming markets out there
  • A Case Study exploring common Game Localization issues and how they can be solved in a creative way
  • Insights into the localization of mobile games as well as desktop games, and console games


About The Guide:

Gamers love exploring different worlds and it is our job to make sure the experience achieves full immersion status by creating a bug-free, quality product. How? Part of immersion is being able to connect with a product in your native language. And it may surprise you to learn that Asia, Europe, and Latin America all have a vastly larger gaming community than the US.Learn more about Video Game Localization through a series of specialized examples, real-life casestudies, and market strategies with a booming expansion potential.

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