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Korean is an up and coming market due to the high internet penetration in South Korea and the gradual changes taking place in North Korea. 
While 95 percent of South Korean families have internet access, only 0.5 of the online content is translated into Korean. 
Since English is not widely spoken by Korean natives, Korean translation solutions are a real “low hanging fruit”. 
Tapping into the growing market now will open you up to what is a missed opportunity for many companies worldwide.

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Korean Translation Services

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Million Native Korean Speakers Approx.


Nations With Korean As The Official Language


Million Korean Internet Users Approx

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Korean is an East Asian language part of the Koreanic family. Even though Korean is the official language of South Korea and North Korea, both countries have distinctly different standardized versions of the language.

While its vocabulary is influenced by Chinese, Korean is known as a language isolate, meaning it has no significant connections with other languages.

South Korea’s economy is flourishing, increasing the demand for accurate Korean Translation Services.

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Publishing Translation

Korean to English and English to Korean Translation Challenges

  • Making use of native, in-country translators will help you engage with a market that is on the verge of transforming the landscape of the Asian market. With no articles, indications of gender, or grammatical numbers, Korean is built on a formal hierarchy rather than a distinct grammatical structure.
  • Formal versus informal speech is present in several other languages including Dutch. But the Korean sense of expressing respect through language is so crucial, that formal speech is expressed on seven different levels.
  • Qualified translators will understand the importance of adhering to the proper level of formal speech, and know where to apply which structure effectively.
  • The challenges tied to Korean Translation Solutions are also of a strong visual nature. When translating content from English to Korean, you must allow for a text contraction of up to 15 percent.
  • Translations from English to Korean will take up between 15 and 20 percent more space. Given the importance of a balanced and appealing visual representation, formatting will require the same level of dedication and care as the actual translation.
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