Why Localizing Your Website is Important for Global Marketing?

Website localization is a complex process that involves both linguistic and technical aspects. But, why is it so important for those businesses who want to expand on their global marketing strategies?

According to the 2020 Web Globalization Report Card, leading 25 top websites have an average of 65 languages available.

Internet penetration is reaching even the most remote communities, and languages such as Arabic, Indonesian, and Chinese, are growing faster than English.

And yet, when it comes to Chinese, 19.4 percent of internet users now speak the language. But despite being a global super star, Chinese still only makes up 3.3 percent of online content.

This means that effective Website Localization Services have become an essential tool if you wish to compete in the global market.

Global Website Localization Benefits & Strategies

Going multilingual will boost your credibility as a thought leader. How? Think of this way

When you visit a website and they don’t only have the content available in your language, the language they used is flawless, they use idioms and phrases you are familiar with. You will trust this brand more than you would one with no translation or even a generic one.

But, what are some crucial services to keep in mind when localizing your website? Here is a quick introduction.

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