What Is A Good Way To Translate PDF Documents And Images?

How OCR can save the day

If you need to translate an image that has text included in it, a PDF, or indeed any other form of non-editable document, you will benefit from optical character recognition (OCR) services.

Let’s take the example of the PDF. While the text itself is locked and cannot be edited, it may still be possible to identify the source application. You can discover this by going to File > Properties and finding the application name among the data.

One of the roadblocks that is often put in our way is that many clients work with third-party experts who create their PDF documents, such as eBooks, and the source file is commonly available through a temporary link they have since lost access to.

This is why OCR services are often requested.

OCR simplifies the translation process of non-editable documents by scanning the PDF with a tool that extracts the content and exports it to an editable format. In essence, it will look like this:

The image is pre-processed so that any inaccuracies can be avoided before being analyzed by the tool. After this, the file will be verified by a human translator to check if the tool has missed any crucial elements before exporting it into a translation-friendly format and delivering the file to the translation team.

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What if I have images prepared in Canva?

Of course, non-editable formats come in different shapes and forms. So, what if you have your images and infographic saved on Canva and would like to have them translated? You may have noticed that you cant simply download the file as an editable format.

If you only have a few lines of text, you can simply have these translated and insert the treated content yourself, into a new design. However, what if there is a lot of text? Or hat if you also need a second opinion on the colors and graphics for your target locale? This is where you can use the Canva sharing function, share the design with your LSP, and consult the translation team as well as the DTP Experts for the expertise on formatting and design.

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