Certified Translation: Fast Delivery with
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Providing quick, secure and accurate Certified Translations handled
by a team of dedicated project managers and professional translators.

Certified Translation Services: Flawless Delivery In The Fullest Confidence

Benefit from ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Certified Translation Services to process your most sensitive documents.

Leverage translation professionals who possess profound industry-specific knowledge and have a solid track record in translating highly specialized content into your target language(s)

We utilize the most innovative technological tools on the market and guarantee a secure and perfectly polished translation delivered with short turnaround times.

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Certified Translation: Where Accuracy Matters

How do we guarantee top quality localization that is both accurate and engaging? By recognizing the complexity of the Video Game Localization Process, assigning only the most specialized teams to each project and adhering to a workflow designed to maintain Quality Assurance.  We apply our rigorous Translation, Editing, and Proofreading (TEP) Process to the in-game content, the non-string content, the store content, as well as packaging descriptions, marketing materials, and manuals.  But what about the game’s visual content? When it comes to fonts, for example, not every style works for every language. This is why we use the expertise of our Game QA Testers to make sure your audience will get an optimal visual experience. In order to offer a unique, all-round cultural immersion, we also offer specialized Multimedia Localization Services such as voice-over and, subtitling, as well as agile Software Localization.

Notarized Translation: Following Legal Formalities To The Letter

Notarized Translation Services, or Sworn Translation, are about meeting the requirements and legal requisites set up by the authorities in a specific country. 
Your documents need to be certified and notarized by a sworn translator exclusively. This usually applies to documents such as Academic Credentials, Birth Certificates, Adoption Paperwork, Marriage Licenses, and so on. 
We provide an officially sworn-in translator authorized to issue sworn translations, equipped with their own exclusive seal.
We understand that documents of this nature will often be subjected to a strict timeline where deadlines must be met, or otherwise they will lose their validity. 

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Laoret is an ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Certified Translation Service, combining the most innovative technologies on the market with a highly-qualified team of professionals.

Our Translation, Editing, and Proofreading process (TEP), and human as well as automated Quality Assurance, prioritize consistency and accuracy down to the letter.

in the unlikely event that you’ll find a translation error, we’ve got you covered! Read more about our cashback policy.

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Our ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 Certified Translation Services, make us uniquely qualified to process your most sensitive documents. Our highly-skilled team of translation professionals, possess profound industry-related knowledge, as well as a solid track record in translating highly specialized content into your target language(s).