Supported Translation and Localization Technology

Discover our own innovative, locally-made and custom localization products and tools.

Laoret makes use of a Cloud-Based Project Management Software

That streamlines and automates Translation and Localization projects.The customizable features make it easy for our workflow to be flexible according to our client’s needs, and meet their goals while maintaining efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness.
We also adhere to a flexible workflow and develop our own Tools and Technologies so we can keep meeting industry standards and client expectations.

TMS Laoret

Streamlined And Automated

We keep up with your goals and schedules by automating simple, manual tasks and building a system that avoids repetitive work, using our linguists’ and engineers’ time more efficiently.

Control Fully Maintained

We monitor every step of the way and can keep a consistent eye on our team’s performance so that all projects can be delivered within the agreed time span and upholding the highest quality standards.

Integrations With Your System

We can successfully connect to several Content Management Systems (CMS) to ease up the process of content extraction and translation reinsertion. We can even build new integrations and connect to your preferred platforms and technology.

Connected To All Processes

We can manage technical, managerial and linguistic procedures in one central hub where everything from the translation progress to project management, internal and external tracking and reporting, and HR and finance management, is centralized.

Our TMS Special Features

Managing Your Translation Projects

  • Synchronized workflow between our translators, editors and proofreaders
  • Client information and requests are kept in one place
  • Integration of a Translation Memory (TM), Glossary, and Style Guide, so accuracy, consistency, and efficiency can be maintained for any current and future projects
  • Specialized Desktop Publishing (DTP)-Toolkits and Localization Engineering tools
  • Optimized feedback procedures and project evaluation

With a strong focus on workflow optimization, we have implemented a highly efficient allocation system to manage and operate all of your translation projects.

Managing Our Translation Team

  • A central hub with our expert’s profiles that can easily be matched to the requested projects
  • Projects can be assigned, received, approved, and delivered with full overview of the experts and Project Managers.
  • Feedback can be added to specific tasks and be communicated to the entire team simultaneously

A DTP-Expert’s Toolbox

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) -Team consists of detail-oriented experts who format your documents to suit the original source as well as your target locale. To ensure a speedier and higher quality delivery, we have equipped them with a handy toolbox that further streamline their workflow.

The DTP-Toolbox features excel in:

  • Offering reference documentation that helps our DTP specialists automate some part of the process and reduce the manual formatting work, which saves both time and money.
  • Securing a manual for technically complex projects. For example, when the source and target language have two different text directions, the Toolkit offers input on terms that are good to use, document formatting, text and image flipping and text alignment.

Context Is King: Our Solution For Fast & Powerful Multilingual Ecommerce Content

Multilingual eCommerce product descriptions are often the first line of communication between you and your potential new customer. So, these descriptions have unique marketing potential.

Get faster and better translations with our new tool designed to give translators contextual information in a flash.

✔️ Our tool scrapes Amazon listings that communicate with your product in both English and your target language(s).

✔️ The translators are provided with instant context of all the high-ranking listings in your category.

✔️ The translator uses the context to provide the best possible description that will entice visitors.

✔️ You receive a targeted and powerful translation with a higher turnaround time.

Online Ordering System

Our Online Ordering System is designed to simplify the translation process and have a quality product anytime, from anywhere. Following the streamlined system, you will be able to:

✔️Get your translation fully online with a simple click of the button

✔️Receive an instant timeline and transparent cost calculation with no hidden costs

✔️Select your services, choose your languages, upload your files, and you’re done

✔️Leverga our vast network of worldwide professionals without lengthy signup files. We only ask what we need to deliver a speedy, qualitative service!

High-quality standards with timely delivery and guaranteed client satisfaction

We believe in Translation Project Automation and the importance of centralizing the translation process, project management, and workflow integration between all departments and stakeholders, all in one place.

Streamline the whole process

Save time

Prevent potential errors

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