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Make localization a walk in the park for games of all genres developed for smartphones, game consoles or arcade machines.

A sure-fire way to boost revenue streams and the key to staying viable to investors is a  properly globalized product that becomes a prime hit in the international scene

Become the next big global sensation with our  professional game
translation and localization expertise.

Become the Next Global Game Phenomenon with trageted Game Transaltion Services!

  • Adapt and translate your product into languages notorious for mega gaming cultures, such as Arabic, Japanese and Korean, and create a real game-changer for yourself in terms of marketability and global exposure.
  • Grow your games’ global community by developing an authentic multilingual user experience for your international consumers, and take your profit margin to the next level.
Game Localization
Video Game Translation

Get High-level Service On-Demand

A rich storyline, vivid characters and clearly communicated rules and instructions often predict whether a game will become a hit or not. The overall translation quality of these components can ultimately make or break the game’s success globally.

  • Leverage a broad network of professional translators, and you will have a whole team of native speakers of your target languages, game localization Subject Matter Experts and project managers who work tirelessly with you to ensure that the localized versions of your game app or video game are adapted to give you an advantage over local market competitors.
  • Get localization services that are conveniently available 24/7 through our user-friendly client portal, which was designed to maximize your control at every step of the process while minimizing your effort.

Get Scalable, Cost-Effective Solutions for Continuous End-to-End Translation

To meet market demands and ensure optimum performance, your video games require updates and bug fixes on a rolling basis, which can create unique challenges for both large- and small-scale translation projects. 

  • Receive seamless API integration and back conversion to ensure your content is returned to you in its original file format with as few bugs as feasibly possible.
  • Benefit from the latest translation technologies, with which we can preview text string content in context to guarantee a flawless, aesthetically pleasing game experience across all devices.
Continuous Localization

Types of Content Provided to the Game Translation Industry

UI and Game Strings

Game Description

SEO Content

Marketing & Advertising

User Review


App Store and
Google Play texts

Social-network Game

Website Localization

In-Game Character Voice-Over


Sound Effects

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