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Why Trust Laoret for Your Localization Services

Having experience in offering successful localization and translation services in various Balkan languages, Laoret along with all its technological, cultural, technical and lingual expertise, today is a known name in the translation industry.

We proudly offer our world class localization services through the highest quality industry leading translations. We deliver full service packages that benefit in form of digital marketing, application testing and global content management as a whole.

Clients from all over the world connect with us on thousands of different projects ensuring reduction of complexities through our multilingual content management services. We as a leading translator and localization service provider in the industry are part of a chain that leads to boosting of production efficiency, further resulting in effective engagement with the diverse global audience.

Excellence and Precision of Services

Our Localization and Translation services team is adept in offering multilingual translation of content, localization of product and localization of web and multimedia services in almost all local languages native to Central and Eastern Europe.

Our expert Lingual services offer professional delivery of multilingual projects that include all quality linguistic services such as localization project management, terminology management, content development and multilingual DTP.

To ensure effective localization of content our testing and engineering services involve all verification and testing processes that are required to ensure optimum success before content release. Our testing procedure includes

• linguistic QA testing • Post DTP QA Testing • Online QA Testing and • Overall consultancy of quality assurance. Our special managed services offer contingent and integrated staffing for special and ongoing projects. These include
• linguistic testing teams • contractual on site project managers • content classification or community moderation • fixing of localization sensitive or geopolitical defects in content • technical engagements and • other traditional testing

Best Money Value

We believe that clients are more satisfied with services that are offered in the highest quality in real time and at minimal costs. Being part of the translation and localization industry, we believe in helping our clients grow with our services. To aid them a free test trial service is offered to clients that ensure their complete trust on us, while saving them significant costs.

We charge nothing for repeated words, phrases or sentences. Our extraordinary translation memory, with the help of CAT tools allows us to generate effective, unique content for every client, reducing project costs to minimum. We offer the best value for your money!

Best Time Value

Time is the most precious of assets, especially in the business world. We realize the importance of every second of our client and how it could be converted to profit for them. For the purpose we aim to deliver all project related services in real time to customers, adhering to strict delivery time lines.

We ensure serving customers based on their time zones through designating from among our rich resource of linguists, the native experts that deal with clients on timely basis.

Dedication and Accuracy of Services

With the ever growing needs of social, digital and mobile content, Laoret remains committed in serving clients through ensuring success over diverse platforms, channels and geographies. With the unmatched expertise of our lingual experts, our ability to scale and out continuous focus on innovation, we thrive to offer industry leading localization services to every client.

Our foolproof system of involving with clients on every aspect to avoid ambiguities and our undoubted quality assurance process ensure accurate translation and localization services, perfectly handled for the target market.

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