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Who We Are?



Laoret is known for its highest quality translation and globalization services aimed at transforming your business message according to the cultural and lingual understandability of foreign markets. Laoret offers clients the basic service of transforming small business tactics into huge opportunities.


Translating your text according to the foreign language and culture of the new market is a crucial part of expanding business overseas and that is exactly what Laoret is known for.Laoret thrives on offering high quality translation and localization services for businesses that target the Balkan countries. Laoret’s native language experts supervise all translation and localization services of a particular language, ensuring optimum translation services that benefit businesses in the long run.


Our expert team is adept offering English and German language translations into all common and rare European languages such as Hungarian, Croatian, Bosnian, Latvian, Romanian, Swedish, Bulgarian, etc. Laoret also offers translation in many other non EU languages extended chances of entering a new market, the right way!


Based in two significant locations of Graz, Austria and Sarajevo, Bosnia; our in house expert linguists are experienced in offering not only mere translation services, but also its integration in a new market, embedding it culturally and linguistically.

Our Mission

Effective global communication is the cornerstone of our services. We aim at uniting the lingual and cultural differences between two points on the globe, converting German and other EU languages into other languages so that the gap can be bridged and potential information link can be developed. We aim at demolishing barriers and aid through taking you farther on to new business horizons.

Our Vision

We aim to prove our worth as the top translation and localization service provider in Central and Eastern Europe. We thrive to rub off the difference that exists between borders of the region and other parts of the globe, through our unimpeachable and comprehensive services, introducing clients to a new potential market ready to accept new offers.

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