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The European Languages

The Central and Eastern European (CEE) includes several countries that represent not only different languages but diverse cultures as well. It is a common thought that translation in several CEE languages from other common languages such as English is a difficult task, based on the difference in sentence structure and grammar practiced in these different languages. It is however difficult itself to translate several CEE languages into other CEE languages as well. One example is translating Bulgarian into other CEE languages.

Specialized Translation Services

We understand that it can be a complex job translating from & into CEE languages , that is why here at Laoret such projects are handled by our expert linguists which are experienced and also certified for translations services in both languages involved within the project. All our linguists have gone through rigorous testing procedures to attain the title Expert Translator of a language, the services produced by our translation teams offer the perfect opportunity to reach out to new horizons and excel beyond boundaries.

Technology Involvement

The LISA quality assurance model paired with the 3 eye meticulous quality assurance system followed at Laoret, checks the final product for lingual, technical and cultural correctness that is consistent with the industry leading quality and customer demand.

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