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Transcription and Voiceover

More Than Voices

Even though transcription may seem an easy a job as simply listening to something, however when the service combines with localization and translation efforts, transcription results in something much more than simple translation. Laoret offers audio and video transcriptions and Voiceover services in all major languages spoken and understood in the CEE countries.

Targeted Transcription Services

At Laoret we understand that operating in different markets automatically makes the requirement of a business rather complex. Our expert multi-linguists’ team offer perfectly target language aligned transcription, according to clients’ specifications. Not only does Laoret boast a highly specialized and experienced team of expert linguists, rather we also have some of the best specific subject area experts (Automotive, IT, Telecom, Electronics, etc), who can handle specific requirement projects efficiently.

Targeted Transcription Services

Where All Understand What You Have To Say

Laoret is also known for the diverse range of voice over services we provide to our clients. From the option of translating text to desired language, to offering selected voice quality and accent and all other particularities that our clients require are readily available for customers. Laoret offers a myriad of different language pairs suited for the diverse media types. Our strategy of using only native officials for a language voice over eliminates any issues relating to pronunciation. Our voice-over experts offer not only their voice, but their quality local accent, diversity and creativeness.

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