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Software Localization

From The Start To The End

Laoret covers a vast range of software localization services from analysis to process automation. Our critical localization and testing cycles follow a systematic process ensuring delivery of successful and industry leading software localization engineering services. Our expert project managers carefully plan and implement all processes in the target language, with the help of local linguists that is a systematic manner handle all processes from text extraction to final quality assurance. Our proven software engineering process of localization include.

Analysis of software

Laoret’s software analysis process includes reporting of analysis and localizability assessment, highlighting of file formats and documents that are not standard or cannot be localized in a standard manner, defining of initial localization scope and estimate of the localization overall process.

Bugfixing of software

Laoret’s software bugfixing experts investigate, repair and report all defects and bugs at all testing stages.

Development of localization process

Laoret’s localization development process includes detailed designing of project according to analysis of software and input by clients, preparation of scheduling of localization project, kit and translators instructions.

Process automation

Laoret’s localization team in this process utilize techniques of optimization through batch processing and automating all engineering tasks, using programming scripts and languages and using other automated processes step by step.

Mastering and building of software

Laoret experts in this process create localized product versions through employing full/semi automatic processes, post translated documents and files before mastering and building and build validation through automated tests.

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