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Localization Engineering

Localization Engineering – A Critical Complement To Localization Processes

The role of localization engineering is more than often misunderstood when it comes down to localization and translation services. Besides the complex processes of translation technicalities that are essential to localization projects and the offering of training sessions to linguists and tactical consulting services to clients, Laoret also offers other equally sophisticated localization engineering services such as

  • Localization of software applications
  • Localization of mobile and website apps
  • Localization of games suited for specific international markets

Secret To Successful Localization Engineering

Localization engineering is a rapidly advancing area of expertise and all its related tools, processes and technologies constantly change requiring experts to adapt to the latest developments in the field. Laoret is a proven name in delivering expert solutions for companies all over the world, offering a comprehensive range of localization up to date services for customer related software, documents, website, etc. Laoret’s customer focused, quality oriented services assures guaranteed technical and linguistic accuracy. Laoret’s success in its localization engineering services is owed to the promise of delivering dependable solutions offered through linguistic consistency and technical quality.

Industry Leading Engineering Processes

Laoret pays ample attention on all localization engineering processes, avoiding all duplicate and unnecessary activities that result in elevated costs, delays and product marketing defects. Our high quality multilingual localization engineering capabilities along with our expert engineers are proven to offer results that are unmatched in offering the required and expected natural extension to localization team efforts and product development as a whole.

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