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eLearning Localization

Laoret specializes in assisting companies that are interested in producing eLearning content in their respective diverse fields. This trend has experienced phenomenal changes over the past few years, and more and more countries are adopting the process of generating eLearning content and using it to educate others or in some cases even their own workplace.
Learning similar to localization is the process of connecting with global audience. Extending your services or products to a new international market, does not merely spell out profits and increased revenues, it also opens up new opportunities for those who are willing to learn about them. Additionally since the process of learning equalizes chances of growth for all, irrespective of whatever language they speak, the chances of discovering talent from every corner are highest.

Your Multilingual Teacher

Goal of eLearning

eLearning is all about enhancing chances of knowledge acquisition. What boosts eLearning prospects is the opportunity for global learners to achieve the knowledge without having to cross the cultural and lingual barriers that commonly exist in the real world. Laoret not only adapts and moulds the required content according to the required standards of local understanding rather it focuses on all small details including formats, imagery, numeric, dates and even colors.
Even though small norms and values of a specific local area may not be visible to others, native are quick in noticing it whichaffects their learning process and perceiving ability. Our specialized local linguist teams consider all hidden codes and signs of a native language that attracts eLearning material not only to the mind, but also to the senses of the natives.

Interesting and Engaging

Mere lingual compatibility of eLearning content is not what can attract local learners. Laoret realizes the importance of interesting and engaging content that is not only easily perceivable but also attractive enough to lure learners towards it. When the localized training content constitutes of subject matter that is not only educative but also magnetizing, it has to be the work of a competent, locally trained linguist, who is also adept in the relative subject matter. Laoret boasts experts that offer the same quality of final eLearning output.

Technology Intervention

It is a proven fact that in today’s technology driven world, lingual efficiency and eLearning related technology advancements go hand in hand. Realizing this importance, Laoret utilizes all necessary eLearning technologies and platforms inclusive of Adobe Presenter, Adobe Captivate, etc, which enhance our ability to offer comprehensive eLearning services that are directed towards satisfying all unique customer requirements and needs.

Services Offered:

  • Localization of documentation and Software/web applications
  • Localization of Marketing material
  • Localization of Multimedia
  • Audio Voiceover
  • Former training material conversion in eLearning format
  • Audio voiceover
  • Review of elearning content to assure functional and lingual matching of localized content
  • Quality Assurance testing ensuring suitable and precise material related adaptation

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