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Hardware Localization

Hardware localization is considered as being the most technical and complex localization services offered to the technology sector. Laoret has offered localization services to some of the biggest companies in the technology sector, through assisting in localization of hardware design, support and marketing in CEE countries.
In today’s world, every sector is expanding to international markets and technology sector is no exception. With the rapid advancement of technology in consumer and commercial markets, companies are burdened with the task to reduce costs of production and tap new ways to earn revenues. Whether you are interested in outsourcing development of your technology to cut on costs or reach out to new emerging markets earning more revenues, Laoret is instantly available to assist localization of your hardware in the ever emerging CEE countries.
Hardware companies too require to ensure that there products are in accordance with the business processes and local infrastructures of the targeted new market. Laoret with ample experience of CEE markets paired with our professional localization team effectively help through tailoring the support system and documentation according to the requirements of the new languages and the prevailing local cultures of the markets.




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October 13, 2015

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