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The Barrier Breaking Process

Reaching out to a new market is not only about translating texts to a new language. Though the difference between translating and localizing content may not seem very obvious initially, however the decision to expand in a new market is a big one, where eventually not only your content, but other readable material such as manuals, product descriptions (in some cases even names) are required to be translated to match the demand and requirements of the new market and culture.
Our detailed TEP (Translate-Edit-Proofread) system ensures a flawless procedure of translating content, supervised and implemented by native language experts. These experts are not only qualified professionals by career; they also are certified linguists whose services are acquired only after they go through our rigorous selection process. These expert linguists along with their entire team of localization experts are adept in understanding the exact requirement of the clients and accordingly device out a plan that offers translated content that is in complete harmony with the cultural, societal and market values of the targeted country.
Further on our LISA QA model checks every project’s outcome for functionality, documentation and every possible language issue that could create any communication hurdle. Thus the final translation and localization service we offer our clients go through strict procedures governed by stringent metrics. Not only is the delivered content checked rigorously for cultural and lingual issues, rather other checks including links, graphics, formatting, cross product consistency, grammar of language, proper trademarks and accented characters display, etc are also meticulously checked for effectiveness.
Our meticulous work process and foolproof quality assurance practices offer not only translated content, rather we offer the next best version of you in a foreign market that spells out your essence only in a language familiar to the place and people. We actually localize you.

Expert Selection Process
Every translation project at Laoret is headed by a native language expert that is certified through our carefully designed selection criteria, ensuring optimum result out of every translated word. Following is the brief process of selection Laoret follows before accepting an expert as being one.

  • Competency of Native Language
  • Experience In Translation Of Native Language
  • Record of Formal and Informal Translation of Targeted Language
  • CAT Tools and Translation Memory Competency
  • Familiarity With Different File Formats
  • Passing Of Our Standard Tests Designed To Check Linguists For Competency